Building a profile

We are all different

Identikits can be used to 'develop' and describe the physical characteristics of the head and face. A profile is used to build the characteristics of a person. Most of these characteristics are physical. For example, a person's height, weight, the sound of their voice and any other distinguishing physical features such as a birthmark, limp or visible scar make a person's physical profile unique.

When developing an identikit picture of someone, a forensic artist or forensic officer will match 'strips' of hairline/hair type, eyes, noses, mouths and chins, or they will draw eyes, noses, mouths and chins described to them by witnesses.


Build your own profile

Work with a partner to build your own profile. Your teacher will provide further instructions.

There are four profile sheets below. Open them up one at a time and print them out.

Profile sheet - physical description Profile sheet - fingerprints Profile sheet - identikit sample Profile sheet - identikit blank

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